We have been providing professional resources to the Biotech and IT/Software markets since 1998.


Smart Biotech Solutions has a long track record of partnering with top organizations in order to provide them with both permanent and contract employees.

Our SmartMatch™ process has been the integral part of our success over the years. Our trained recruiters take recruiting to the next level. They will evaluate more than just your resume, and they will guide you through the entire process to help you advance in your career.

Smart Biotech Solutions provides job seekers with:

  • Introduction and Initial Screening: As most companies will do, we take time to review your resume and discuss in detail your professional experience, skills, qualifications, strengths and weaknesses. The key to our recruiting success is the ability of our recruiters to drill down and find out what you really want in your next position.
  • Job Targeting: Once all your experience and career goals have been discussed in detail, your Recruiter will guide you through the process of getting considered by the right people at your top prospected companies. From the minute your resume is sent to a client of ours, your recruiter provides in depth information about the position and company so that you feel confident leading up to the interview process.
  • Interviewing: Adequate preparation for an interview is most often the difference between the company choosing you or your competition. Your Smart Staffing recruiter will guide you through all aspects of the interview, from simply what to wear on the interview, through specific styles of the interviewers and how you stack up to your competition.
  • After the interview: As soon as you leave your interview, you will call your Recruiter for a full debrief. A delay in this step can cost you a position, the client wants to know that you are excited about the opportunity that they just spent valuable time discussing with you, and it is important that we reach out to our client immediately and relay your thoughts and questions to them. Your Recruiter will also help you with post interview follow up.
  • The Offer: Preparing you and our client for your job offer begins much earlier in our process, but rest assured that when the offer arrives you will have everything you need to make a calculated decision.
  • Job Transition: From writing a letter of resignation, to learning about your new colleagues and overcoming first-day anxieties, we will help you transition into your new position smoothly.
  • Continued Relationship: Our relationship doesn’t end with your new job. We will check in with you periodically to be sure that you are satisfied with your new position, and let you know what our valued client is saying about your presence.